Stamping process Bending die 8 kinds of stripping way introduction

The 8 types of stripping methods of bending die for stamping processing are introduced by our stamping parts processing factory. Xinzhe Metal products, a 7-year manufacturer of precision stamping, stretch molding, and precision injection molding processing, provides one-stop service for mold development and design, stamping, injection molding, and automated assembly, with rich experience, welcome to consult for customization.

Stamping processing Stamping parts processing factory

1.Pass-through stripping

For box-shaped stamped parts with folded edge height less than 1/3 of ram stroke, as long as the flatness of the bottom plane is not required, the pass-through stripping structure can be used. It uses the rebound of the material to release the material and requires good rigidity of the concave die. The advantage is high efficiency and easy automation, but it is not suitable for stamping parts that require high flatness of the bottom plane or do not allow scratching at the folded edge.

2. Ejector type discharge

It is mainly used for U-shaped bending die. The top material plate is shaped with the workpiece discharge end and placed at the bottom of the concave model cavity, powered by the spring, elastic rubber or the return of the press slide.

3. Pulling hook discharge

Using the difference in wall thickness between the workpiece before and after forming, the workpiece can be released from the convex die by installing a pulling hook on the concave die. When designing this type of discharge, it should be used together with the top material plate. It is suitable for small pieces and workpieces with little bending depth.

4. Beating bar discharge

Suitable for workpieces with large area and large bending depth. The workpiece is powered by the beater bar and pushed off the die by the beater plate when the punch rises. The structure and arrangement of the die is the same as that of the inverted drop die.

5. Axial discharge

It is suitable for closed-loop and open-loop workpieces with straight center axis, but not for workpieces with curved center axis. Under the action of spring force, when the punch descends, the stripping circle retreats, and when the punch returns, the roller drives the stripping circle forward, pushing the workpiece away from the convex die.

6. Pin ejector type stripping

It is used in conjunction with the ejector plate and is suitable for stamping parts with large bottom area and high flatness requirements. After the pressure of the top die is released, the pin is reset under the action of the spring and the stamped part is pushed out of the convex die.

7. Hoop type stripping

If the width of the die is narrow and the cross section is not enough to install the spring, the stripping hoop can be used to press the part off the die, and the stripping hoop retracts under the action of the spring after the part is separated.

8. Lifting hook type stripping

It belongs to the compulsory stripping, which is applicable to the workpiece with relatively large stripping force after bending.

Post time: Sep-17-2022