Features of rotating body hardware stamping and drawing parts

Xinzhe Metal products, a manufacturer of precision stamped parts, metal stretch molding, and precision injection molding processing, has 37 years of rich experience in providing a wide range of metal stamping products and services for various industries. The following is a brief introduction of the characteristics of rotating body metal stamping and stretching parts in terms of embryo shape and processing dimensions.

Metal stretching and forming Hardware stamping and stretching parts

1, the principle of similarity in shape of stamping products, the shape of the blank of hardware stamping and stretching parts is generally similar to the shape of the cross-sectional contour of the stretching parts, that is, when the cross-sectional contour of stamping and stretching is round, square or rectangular, the shape of the corresponding blank should be round, nearly square or nearly rectangular respectively. In addition, the perimeter of the blank should have a smooth transition to obtain equal height sidewalls (if the hardware stamping product requires equal height) or equal width flanges.

2, the principle of equal surface area of stamping and stretching parts. For invariably thin stretching, although the thickness of the sheet of hardware stamping products is thickened and thinned in the stretching process, it is proved that the average thickness of the stamping and stretching parts is not similar to the thickness of the blank, and the difference is not large. Since the volume remains unchanged before and after plastic deformation, the size of the blank can be determined according to the principle that the area of the blank is equal to the surface area of the metal stamping part.

3, hardware stretching parts with theoretical calculation method to determine the size of the blank is not completely accurate, but approximate, especially for stretching and stamping products with complex shapes; in actual production, for stretching and stamping parts with complex shapes, the actual shape and size of the blank is usually used as the basis for making a good stamping and stretching die first, and making repeated test die corrections with the blank initially determined by the theoretical calculation party until the workpiece is obtained to meet the requirements. the basis for manufacturing the punching die.

4, because the sheet metal has plate plane directionality and is influenced by the geometry of the die and other factors, the mouth of the finished deep-drawn stamping parts are usually irregular, especially the deep-drawn parts. Therefore, in most cases, it is also necessary to increase the height of the process piece or the width of the flange, and the metal stamping deep-drawing after the cutting process, in order to ensure the quality of the metal stamping and drawing parts.

Post time: Sep-17-2022