Custom sheet pressed metal cutting parts metal stamping parts

Short Description:

  • Type: Cold Stamping
  • Model: NO.XZ009
  • Processing Type: Shaping Metal
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mould: Simple Single Process Dies
  • Surface Processing: Grinding
  • Fine Blanking: single-Position
  • Customization: Available
  • Product Detail

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    Name: custom sheet pressed metal cutting parts metal stamping parts
    Process stretching Process
    Industry Metal Stamping Parts
    Tolerances: 0.1mm
    Size: Customized
    Work: Stamping
    Delivery Time: 30 Days
    Company Location: Ningbo
    Transport Package Safety Export Package
    Certificate ISO9001:2015
    Origin: Ningbo
    Production Capacity; 50000PCS/Month


    Future of Metal Stamping Services

    Nowadays, the application of Metal Stamping processing has been very extensive, and it is involved in various industries. It can be said that it is the basis of industrial production, and the future development prospects are broad.

    Our company has many years of development history in the Metal Stamping processing service industry. Not only has we mastered the most advanced production experience, but also has a very precise grasp of the industry. We believe that Metal Stamping processing services will establish a complete quality assurance system in the future. Further improve the level of precision, automation, and information manufacturing to meet the needs of mass and flexible production.

    In addition, the quality of the Metal Stamping equipment produced will also be further improved, which can be more suitable for some high-end industries. Our company has always worked hard to achieve this goal. We believe that under the premise of adhering to the development of innovation, we can definitely make greater contributions to the Metal Stamping processing service industry!



    1.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

    The company has 1200 ㎡of plant area and 18 professional technical workers in ningbo

    2.How can I get a quote?

    Detailed drawings (PDF/STEP/IGS/DWG...) with material, quantity and surface treatment information.

    3. Can I get a quote without drawings?

    Sure, we appreciate to receive your samples, pictures or drafts with detailed dimensions for accurate quotation.

    4.Will my drawings be divulged if you benefit?

    No, we pay much attention to protect our customers’ privacy of drawings, signing NDA is also accepted if need.

    5. Can you provide samples before mass production?

    Sure, sample fee is needed, will be returned when mass production if possible.

    6. How about the lead time?

    Generally, 1-2 weeks for samples, 3-4 weeks for mass production.

    7. How do you control the quality?

    (1)Material inspection--Check the material surface and roughly dimension.

    (2)Production first inspection--To ensure the critical dimension in mass production.

    (3)Sampling inspection--Check the quality before sending to the warehouse.

    (4)Pre-shipment inspection--100% inspected by QC assistants before shipment.

    8. What will you do if we receive poor quality parts?

    Please kindly send us the pictures, our engineers will find the solutions and remake them for you asap.

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