Custom Iron Plate Bending Parts

Short Description:

  • Type: Cold Stamping
  • Processing Type: Bending Metal
  • Material: iron steel
  • Mould: Simple Single Process Dies
  • Surface Processing: Blackening
  • Fine Blanking: single-Position
  • Customization: Available
  • Product Detail

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    Model NO. XZ0026
    Process Bending Process
    Industry Metal Stamping Parts
    Tolerances 0.1mm
    Customized Customized
    Name Custom Iron Plate Bending Parts
    Size Customized
    Work Stamping
    Surface Finish Blackening
    Delivery Time 30 Days
    Transport Package PP Bag/Carton or According Customers′ Requirement
    Company Location ISO9001:2015
    Production CapacityMetal Stamping Process 50000PCS/Month


    Steel plate bending machine processing is one of the types of metal processing.

    What we need to pay attention to in work is what is safe and effective work? Now, let's take a look at the matters needing attention in steel plate bending.( sheet metal bends/ sheet metal bending)

    1. In terms of unit size, the thicker the plate, the greater the bending force required; the greater the thickness of the plate, it is necessary to further increase the margin of bending force when selecting bending equipment; the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is lower than that of ordinary low carbon steel , the lower the elongation, the greater the deformation force required.( sheet metal folding/ custom metal bending/ steel bending near me)

    2. The greater the yield strength of the material, the greater the elastic recovery force, and the smaller the pressing angle required to obtain the angle of the bent part is 90 degrees. The elastic recovery deformation of austenitic stainless steel during bending is larger than that of carbon steel. Therefore, the pressing angle is smaller than that of carbon steel.

    3. In terms of unit size, the tensile strength is large, the elongation is small, the bending force required is large, and the bending angle is large. The bending angle of 904L stainless steel plate with the same plate thickness as carbon steel is large. Otherwise, bending cracks will appear and affect the strength of the workpiece.( exhaust pipe bending/ welding shops near me/ iron welding)

    4. In the case of corresponding to the plate thickness and bending radius of the design drawing, the expansion dimension of a bent workpiece is the positive and negative two plate thicknesses on the right-angled side, which is sufficient to meet the design accuracy requirements. The expansion amount can be calculated according to the empirical formula, which can simplify the calculation process.( aluminum welding near me/ structural welding/ sheet metal punch)
    sheet metal bending
    It refers to the processing of changing the angle of the plate or plate. Such as bending the sheet into V shape, U shape, etc. In general, there are two methods for sheet metal bending: one method is mold bending, which is used for sheet metal structures with complex structures, small volumes, and mass processing; the other is bending machine bending, which is used It is suitable for processing sheet metal structures with relatively large structure sizes or with low output. These two bending methods have their own principles, characteristics and applicability.( welding service/ stamping press/ brake bending)


    Factors Affecting Springback and Measures to Reduce Springback(brake bending/ punch steel plate/ hole puncher for steel)
    (1) The mechanical properties of the material The springback angle is proportional to the yield point of the material and inversely proportional to the elastic modulus E. For sheet metal parts with high precision requirements, in order to reduce springback, the material should be as low-carbon steel as possible, instead of high-carbon steel and stainless steel.( metal hole punch/ metal punch/ punch metal sheet)
    (2) The larger the relative bending radius r/t, the smaller the degree of deformation and the larger the rebound angle Δα. This is a relatively important concept. The rounded corners of sheet metal bending should be as small as possible when the material properties allow, which is conducive to improving accuracy. (metal punching tools/ punching metal)

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